Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Art of Boycotting Pt. 2 Companies concentrate on your camp like IBM...

So as I was saying in the first boycotting post, I am boycotting SONY because their customer service game me the old 1-2-12 on my laptop (partly the reason why my blog content is so mediocre). And also because of that racist and bigotted PSP advertisement (refer to Pt. 1). So I'm looking for a new computer what about IBM? They make great computers. Well, acutally I'm boycotting IBM too because of their involvement in the Jewish holocaust.
This an old story, but it is a story that hasn't been told to the masses. I myself only learned of it after I watched 'The Corporation' two years ago. Anyways let me give you the abreviated version right now: IBM built their profits by providing Hitler and the 3rd reich with the punch cards that they used in the concentration camps, thus enabling the Germans to process the victims in the camps more efficiently and exterminate them with ease. IBM cannot claim ignornace on this because the president of IBM is seen here enjoying tea with Hitler. Also, IBM regularily sent technicians to the camps to service the machines during the holocaust. So IBM got what they wanted:madd loot. And Hitler got wat he wanted: 6 million dead Jews. So, fuck IBM.

Here's a song by Cadence Weapon where he raps ambivalently about the whole boycotting quagmire. My favourite line is the last one:
'I won't say stop buying, cuz it isn't realistic. Or cop 'em, cuz you wanna make your own damn decisions.'

Cadence Weapon-30 Seconds

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