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Top Albums of 2005

Originally authoured December 15th 2005

Uh, I always like making lists, and writing long op-ed peices about music. I'm soo tired and lazy right now that i can't even fuck with that. I couldn't even narrow it down 10 so i got 15+ albums that were part of the the soundtrack of my life this year. but 2005 is almost over so here's my abreviated list. If you wanna hear in depth commentary, lets all get together of a beer or twelve. PS I want to hear your lists, word of mouf is the best way to hear about good music. I'm sure there is plenty that i've missed, lemme know.

top 10 (or 15) albums + extras

#1: Bloc Party Silent Alarm- No question about it. Indie/Britpop/No wave might be a fad right now, but this band and this album stand above everybody as the absolute truth.

#2: Gorillaz- Demon Days- Yes the geo-political system is very depressing post 9/11 and this album cryptically articulates exactly how i feel about it all.

#3: Little Brother-The Minstrel Show- I love Hip Hop. I will always love hip hop. But fuck BET (who refused to play Little Brother's vids because the were deemed 'too smart' for the BET audience). And fuck commercial radio for snubbing these guys. But honestly who has time to watch tv and listen to the radio? Just tune into the minstrel show. Best rap record of 2005 by far.

#4 QOTSA- Lullabies to Paralyze Best Rock Record of 2005. BEst Rock Band out right now, period.

#5 MIA- Arular- This CD is so good that I lent it to a friend and she never gave it back. SHe said she 'lost' it, i don't believe her.

#6 Dangerdoom- The Mouse and the Mask- I just bough it on Monday so I might be a little biased but MF Doom is one of the best MCs alive right now, and Dngermouse's production is nuts. If I listened to this album longer it might have gone a bit higher

#7 Damian Marley- Welcome to Jamrock- Like Mandeville said Bob can finally rest in peice. This album is just unbelievably versatile. The show was even better.

#8 Common- Be- Great Record. Great MCing. Great Production. This is real Hip Hop. Only complaint is that it is too short. But than again Dark Side of the Moon is only like 39 mins.

#9 Beck -Guero LTD ed.- Beck is awesome, this record is awesome. His beat is correct. The remixes up the bracket on this one.

# 10 Beanie Sigel- The B. Coming- This is how good B. Mack could be. Great record.

#11 Kanye West- Late Registration- Many people automatically put this album at the top of their list. Its good, but I mean its not better than the Common album. Kanye made all the beats on Common's record but Common is a 100 times a better rapper than Kanye so that makes common's album better. But adding Jon Brion to the production made this one more melodic than the first Kanye, and there was now workout plan on this one, so it gets the nod.

#12 LCD Soundsystem S/T- This album is so funky that even white people can dance well to it.

#13 Buckshot/9th Wonder- Chemistry - More under the radar hip hop doing it for me.

#14 The Mitchell Brothers- A Breath of Fresh Attire. Like the Streets but better rapping and more Drunken Escapades.

# 15 Foo Fighters- In your Honor- Not Quite Physical Grafitti, but still an ambitious, classic rock record. The Acoustic side will surprise you (Jon Paul Jones/Josh Homme/Norah Jones all make appearances)

more records that I like
-NIN-with Teeth- Never was a NIN fan but this album is good and i got into it
-Missy- the cookbook- she's awesome. Some of her lyrics are absolute gibbereish, but she's an innovator and I respect that

Some Terrible Albums (that I wasted my time actually listening to)

* Audioslave- Out of Exile
* Weezer- Make Believe

Stuff I haven’t heard yet but I know I will like (please lemme know)

K'Naan- Dusty Foot Traveler

SOAD- Hypnotize

Sufjan Stevens-Illinoise


Metric-Live It Out

Test Icicles- For Screening Purposes Only

Babyshambles- Fuck Forever (is that even what its called?… Oh wait ‘Down in Albion’. Just doesn’t have the same ring as Fuck Forever)

Stuff I am eagerly awaiting in 2006

* OutKast- Idlewild Soundtrack
* Strokes- First Impressions of Earth
* New Eagles of Death Metal
* New Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
* New DFA1979?
* New Bloc Party?
* New PJ Harvey?
* New Desert Sessions

corrections to my 2004 list. (Upon Further review.)

two albums that were on my stuff i haven't heard yet list were definately 2 of the best of 2004

-Ghostface- Pretty Tony LP: can replace # 9 Beastie Boys- To the 5 Boroughs which isn't nearly as good as I thought it was.

-DFA1979- Your a Woman I'm a Machine: this Record was #3 of last year replacing Street's Disciple. This Album may prove to be on my 25 favourite record of all time. Its fierce.

peace out

PS send me your lists. I'm interested.

Happy Kwanzaa and Prosperous New Year

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