Thursday, January 04, 2007


Olbermann: Mad As Hell, and Not TakingThis Anymore

KO starts the New Year off right with a blistering special comment on the proposed new strategy of 'sacrifice' in Iraq.
Aparently against the advice of the Iraq Study Group, the advice of the joint chiefs of staff, the advice of generals on the ground, the opinion of the American public and all common sens,e George W. Bush is about to put more troops in Iraq (the estimate is anywhere from 20,000-40,00). Bush is calling this a sacrifice. I call it dillusional. Clearly GWB must have watched Apocalypto over the Christmas break and thought that 'sacrifce and accelerate' would fit right in with 'shock and awe', 'mission accomplished', 'stay the course', 'adapt and win' and all of the other hollow sloganeering of this ridiculous war.
Here is a video of a Special Comment from Keith Olbermann. In rare form, as incensed as I have ever seen him. And rightfully so. Keith is the only commentator in the MSM who is courageous enough to hold the adminsitration to account and say what we all want to say but are too afraid to. Thanks Keith.


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